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First of all we will inform you about a new "tour-target" on Leksa! In connection with Agdenes Municipals action to get more people out in the nature, there are mounted 20 posts around in the municipal. One of them is on Leksa.

The post is mounted on the top of the highest "mountain" on Leksa, "Jøtuldalskallen"- 102 m.o.s.

It is a very nice trip to walk there. Use the track up to Steinalderrøysa -we will make an track further beyond later:) But it is no problem to walk there now :)

It will also come signpost that will show you the way:)

There will also come a book where you can leave a message and sign your name in:)

It is a very nice trip!!! :o) 







We hope that many of you will join us this year too!!!!!


Everybody is Welcome to take part at our activities!! :)



NB! This calendar have to be with certain reservations on dates and time,

but corrections will be announced here on Aktivitetskalenderen, at the post-office,

on the quay on South-Leksa and at the ferry berth.

So keep updated!!! :o)     

Please send me an e-mail on about updates or other things!!!

Wondering about something? Just contact me on e-mail, and hopefully can I help you : )



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