On this page I want to tell about how it was on Leksa during World War 2.

This is based on story's from people that was living there then and now, and theirs experience under the World War II .


Under World War 2 it was about 300 German soldiers on Leksa, and also 60-70 Polish and Russian prisoners of war – they was here for about 2 years. It was build a fortification here on the west side of the island, in Gangstua – called Leksa Kystbatteri. Ruins of the fortification are still here today, and it is worth a visit.

You will find pictures from there under the link  Picture Gallery  in connection with the Liberation jubilee in 1995, did Lensvik school make a little book that's called “Five years”.

It was students at the school that interviewed people about their experience under the The War – from an acquaintance or relatives. Out of the stories they got, they made this little book. I have picked out one story from this book, where Tordis and Bjarne Leksen from North-Leksa tell their story.

 Interview Leksen

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